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For sleep evangelists and connoisseurs, and even for sleep strivers, the publication this fall from Rizzoli of “Sleep” by Ted Spagna is a watershed event. – Arianna Huffington, NY Times/T Magazine
An exploration of intimacy poised at the intersection of art and scientific observation, these somehow avoid sinister voyeurism and instead constitute a sensual examination of human vulnerability. – New Republic
His photos—taken during the 1970s and '80s—show sorrow and loneliness, as well as humor and sexuality...At the time, images like these—time-lapses of humans in their natural sleeping state—had not been captured before. And they are equally as fascinating decades later. – Cool Hunting
Ted Spagna was a photographer with a one-track mind: he only photographed his subjects in bed, fast asleep. Freud would have loved the results, – Horatia Harrod, The Telegraph.